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Autralieni Researchers say they have discovered for the quantum teleportation

A group of researchers at Queensland University of Autralia, say they have discovered while teleporting.
According to their studies not only allows teleportation of quantum physics in space but in time, says site

 The research was conducted by Jay Olson and Timothy Ralph, who showed that quantum parciculele can travel between the present and future. Until now proven that quantum teleportation is possible only in space. Two identical particles located in two different places can be linked together, by altering the state changed its status to one other in the same way, regardless of space between them (kilometers or light years).
The new discovery was announced today, as predicted since last year by researchers at the University of Queensland

Ralph Olson and say „tangle quantum – quantum entanglement is a fundamental component of the universe, which works both in space and time. Changing the state of a particle in the present and the future does not mean that there is the same individual between two moments.
The two physicists describe a qubit, sent in the future. Olson and Ralph have aarati to detect „qubits in the future” must be symmetric in time with its creation in the past.

 Cercetatorii autralieni sustin ca au descoperit teleportarea cuantica in timp


Un grup de cercetatori de la Universitatea Queensland din Autralia, sustin ca au descoperit teleportarea in timp.

Conform studiilor acestora fizica cuantica permite nu numai teleportarea in spatiu dar si in timp, precizeaza site-ul <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Gizmodo</a>.

 Cercetarea a fost realizata de Jay Olson si Timothy Ralph, care au aratat ca parciculele cuantice pot calatori intre present si viitor. Pana acum s-a dovedit ca teleportarea cuantica este posibila doar in spatiu. Doua particule identice amplasate in doua locuri diferite pot fi legate intre ele, prin alterarea starii uneia cealalta isi schimba stare in acelasi fel, indifferent de intervalul spatial dintre ele(km sau ani lumina).

Noua descoperire a fost anuntata astazi, fiind previzionata inca de anul trecut, de catre cercetatorii de la Universitatea <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Queensland</a>.

Olson si Ralph sustin ca “incalceala cuantica” – quantum entanglement este o componenta fundamentala a Universului, care functioneaza atat in spatiu cat si in timp. Schimbarea stării unei particule in present si viitor nu presupune ca exista aceeasi particular intre cele doua momente.

Cei doi fizicieni descriu un <a href=”” target=”_blank”>qubit</a> trimis in viitor. Olson si Ralph au aaratat ca detectarea “qubitului in viitor” trebuie sa fie simetrica in timp cu crearea sa in trecut.


Wikileaks: China holds the secrets of quantum teleportation

China has registered great progress in the field of quantum teleportation and try to seize a future energy source that can be found on the moon.

Exceptional results have been obtained by Chinese scientists in leading fields of science, like nuclear fission as a means of producing sustainable energy for quantum teleportation, writes the Daily Galaxy.
Also, China plans to take three-dimensional images of the Moon for future mining of helium-3, an extremely important source of energy, were revealed by Wikileaks and published by China News. The latter was sanctioned by the government for publishing the information.

According to Chinese experts’ statements, the Earth is only 15 tonnes of helium-3, while the moon reserves exceed 5 million tons.

Helium-3 is considered a stable and safe material to obtain nuclear energy through controlled experiments in nuclear physics.

It seems to be the key to future space exploration. Chinese scientists estimate that about one million tons of helium-3 from the Moon would be enough to power Earth for thousands of years, and 25 tons could supply the energy the United States for one year.

Actual quantum teleportation

Teleportation is the cornerstone of many novels and science-fiction movies.
Until recently, teleportation was considered impossible, but with the advent of quantum teleportararii, this idea is about to change.

In June 2010, Chinese scientists at the University of Science and Technology, together with colleagues at Tsinghua University in Beijing, published in the specialist journal Nature the results of a survey showing that „the entanglement quantum teleportation” is key to the future .

This could lead to the development of quantum computers, but also of quantum communication, which can not be intercepted, they would teleportation of information from 16 miles away.

At that time, have proposed various translations of the newly introduced term „quantum entanglement – Quantum entanglement, quantum inseparability, quantum correlation, but all these translations do not have a precise meaning in quantum mechanics.

The perception of some, teleportation is described as a transfer of matter from one point to another instantly or within a period of time.

In quantum physics, the phenomenon is actually a description of the behavior of atoms and the constituent particles, in certain circumstances.

Currently, there is a growing awareness among the world scientific community that the properties of the universe are best described not only the laws that govern matter, but the laws governing information, writes the Daily Galaxy.

Quantum truths of the world are also available for special relativity theory, and now are explored in the case of general relativity.

Using the same principles that allow teleportation of quantum information, Masahiro Hott Japanese physicist from Tohoku University, explained how it can be possible by injecting energy teleportation.

Exploiting the power fluctuations in the „quantum entangled particles, physicists can inject energy into a single particle, because then this will be extracted from another set of particles, and located at distances of light years.

The proposal could lead to new developments in energy distribution, as well as a better understanding of the relationship between quantum information and quantum energy.

…in primul rand vezi

apoi vine  realizare… oricum si decriptarea cuantica a criptarii cuantice a informatiilor a fost rezolvata inca din vara 2010… dar nu se poate scrie despre asa ceva!!!… nici macar pe blog.


Wikileaks: China detine secretele teleportarii cuantice

China a inregistrat progrese importante in domeniul teleportarii cuantice si incearca sa puna mana pe o sursa de energie a viitorului, ce poate fi gasita pe Luna.

Rezultate exceptionale au fost obtinute de cercetatorii chinezi in domeniile de varf ale stiintei, cum ar fi fisiunea nucleara ca mijloc durabil de a produce energie pentru teleportarea cuantica, scrie Daily Galaxy.

De asemenea, planurile Chinei de a prelua imagini tridimensionale de pe Luna, pentru viitoarele activitati de exploatare a heliului-3, o sursa extrem de importanta de energie, au fost dezvaluite de Wikileaks si publicate de China News. Aceasta din urma a fost sanctionata de guvern pentru publicarea informatiilor.

Conform declaratiilor specialistilor chinezi, pe Pamant exista doar 15 tone de Heliu-3, in timp ce pe Luna rezervele depasesc 5 milioane de tone.

Heliu-3 este considerat un material stabil si sigur pentru obtinerea energiei nucleare, prin experimente controlate in domeniul fizicii nucleare.

Acesta pare a fi cheia pentru viitorul explorarilor spatiale. Oamenii de stiinta chinezi estimeaza ca aproximativ un milion de tone de heliu-3 de pe Luna ar fi suficiente pentru a alimenta cu energie Terra pentru mii de ani, iar 25 de tone ar putea aproviziona cu energie Statele Unite, timp de un an.

Teleportarea cuantica in actualitate

Teleportarea este piatra de temelie a multor romane si filme science-fiction.
Pana de curand teleportarea a fost considerata imposibila, dar, odata cu aparitia teleportararii cuantice, aceasta idee este pe cale sa se schimbe.

In iunie 2010, oamenii de stiinta chinezi de la Universitatea de Stiinta si Tehnologie, impreuna cu colegii lor de la Universitatea Tsinghua din Beijing, au publicat in revista de specialitate Nature rezultatele unei cercetari, care arata ca „teleportarea prin entanglement cuantic” este cheia viitorului.

Aceasta ar putea duce la dezvoltarea unor computere cuantice, dar si a unor comunicatii cuantice, ce nu vor putea fi interceptate, ei reusind teleportarea unor informatii la 16 kilometri distanta.

La vremea respectiva, s-au propus diverse traduceri ale termenului nou introdus „quantum entanglement” – incurcatura cuantica, inseparabilitate cuantica, corelare cuantica, dar toate aceste traduceri nu au un sens precis in domeniul mecanicii cuantice.

In perceptia unora, teleportarea este descrisa ca si un transfer de materie dintr-un punct in altul, instantaneu sau intr-un interval de timp.

In fizica cuantica, fenomenul este de fapt o descriere a comportamentului unor atomi si al particulelor constituente, in anumite conditii.

La ora actuala, exista o crestere a constientizarii in randul comunitatii stiintifice mondiale ca proprietatile universului sunt cel mai bine descrise nu numai de legile care guverneaza materia, ci si prin legile care guverneaza informatiile, mai scrie Daily Galaxy.

Adevarurile lumii cuantice sunt valabile si pentru teoria relativitatii speciale, iar acum sunt explorate si in cazul relativitatii generale.

Folosind aceleasi principii cuantice care permit teleportarea de informatii, fizicianul japonez Masahiro Hotta, de la Universitatea Tohoku, a explicat cum poate fi posibila teleportarea prin injectare de energie.

Exploatand fluctuatiile de energie in „particule cuantice incurcate”, fizicienii pot injecta energie intr-o singura particula, pentru ca, mai apoi, aceasta sa fie extrasa dintr-un alt set de particule, situate si la distante de ani-lumina.

Propunerea ar putea duce la evolutii noi in distributia de energie, precum si la o mai buna intelegere a relatiei dintre informatia cuantica si de energia cuantica.