Particle discovered at CERN is even Higgs boson? …

Posted: 17 martie 2013 in Fizica particulelor elementare

In the communiqué issued by CERN, stating that considering how to split elementary particle yet discovered last summer, this is the Higgs boson!. From experiments ATLAS – A Toroidal LHC Apparatus and CMS – Compact Muon Solenoid, in the Large Hadron Collider – LHC, spanning almost three years, and data analysis by researchers involved in these programs, it is a „strong indication „that the particle discovered much searching Higgs. Certainly in these experiments, to mention a boson, but it really is the Higgs boson?
Richard Feynman, is legendary in the world of physics for his way of seeing and interpreting the world as a whole but also for the enthusiasm with which his students explaining physics. Feynman often said that he does not understand why the media and the public want to know the latest discoveries in physics, although they have no idea about the science, but mostly on discoveries of the past, giving a sense of new discoveries. I will try to provide simplified public current situation in elementary particle physics, and news professionals at CERN, on the Higgs boson, without compromising the truth by distorsioanarea information.
Since the second half of the twentieth century, a series of discoveries and new theories led to a revolution in terms of the concepts in the world of elementary particles, resulting in the Standard Model, which is actually a consensus on the basic constituents of matter and fundamental force describing the interactions between them.
The Standard is a concept formulated and developed in elementary particle that combines quantum electrodynamics, quantum chromodynamics and theories of the weak force. But gravity still has no place in this model. The Standard Model of elementary particles is a theory of three of the four fundamental forces namely the electromagnetic interaction, weak nuclear and strong nuclear interactions and elementary particles that take part in these interactions. These particles of matter and energy, which are described by means of equations, all matter in the universe organized around a basic principle known as local gauge symmetry.
Higgs boson is considered so far, the missing link in the Standard Model of particle physics, which is supposed to have derived all particles with mass.
International scientific community at CERN specialists should be much more cautious because you may not have sufficient evidence to certify that the particle is certainly of Higgs boson!, But we believe that the evidence gathered so far presents the particle as the main candidate for the title. In addition we must consider the events aroused last year and all the fuss surrounding the discovery invalidated researchers at CERN that neutrinos could move the gear speed of light in vacuum, so Einstein can sit quietly famous equation remains form E = mc ², and the speed of light in a vacuum remains a fundamental constant.
The problem currently facing physicists at CERN, is whether the Higgs boson is also prefigured theoretical Standard Model of physics, or not!, Ie if the standard model is correct, or you will have to give up this theory.
One of the ways scientists are trying to prove that complies with the Standard Model of particle discovered particle physics is the study of the ways in which it decomposes. The new type of particle is unstable, decomposing tiny fraction of a second after the other particles. Standard model implies and requires some specific predictions about the type of particles that arise from such a boson decay and how common are decompositions. According to preliminary findings obtained by the team that made CMS experiment, the new particle decays not only other types of bosons, such as photons, but also in a class of particles called fermions, including particulate matter such as quarks which form protons and leptons, which include electrons category.
But CMS has identified that the new boson can only decay into two leptons to your – something that is not covered by the Standard Model of particle physics. But the Higgs is discovered improper presented by the media as „the God particle”. If it looks like a Higgs boson behaves and decomposes according to model predictions, then it probably is the Higgs boson – the particle that gives mass to all other particles.
So far there is insufficient evidence to certify, without any shadow of doubt that the particle discovered in two independent experiments is Higgs boson’s.
Thus, according to the findings of the team that developed the CMS experiment, the new particle decays not only other types of bosons, such as photons, but also in a class of particles called fermions, including particulate matter such as quarks, leptons that make up protons and electrons category they belong. So if independent CMS experiment clearly identified that the new boson can decay into two leptons your – a phenomenon that is not covered by the Standard Model of particle physics.
Higgs boson is postulated and hold certain quantum properties. If ATLAS experiment, the signal value of 125 GeV particle had a level of significance of 3.5 sigma – statistical parameter used to assess the probability that an event will occur other than by chance.
But the 3 sigma is sufficient to prove the possibility of the Higgs boson, but it takes 5-sigma value is reached to confirm actual discovery of this particle. Currently, it is estimated that there are five types of Higgs field – each with an associated Higgs boson. To detect a Higgs boson in the laboratory have created a real one instead of a virtual one!. By colliding particles with antiparticles can be generated very high energy value. Following these interactions result byproduct of subatomic decay, which represents but only evidence of the fact that the Higgs can be created.
Higgs boson is the last particle predicted by the Standard Model of elementary particles. The Standard Model is still over four decades the most accurate theory, uncontradicted by any experiment and whose predictions were all confirmed by further experiments.
Whether the Higgs particle is discovered, leaves open, ie whether it is the Higgs boson of the Standard Model of particle physics, or possibly easier is a particle predicted in other theories that go beyond the Standard Model. However finding the answer to this question will last as long.
And yet … „the old saying of physics say that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” However if you confirm with certainty, discovering the Higgs boson, it certainly could bring scientists at CERN Nobel Prize.


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