How to hire a hacker?

Posted: 30 Decembrie 2011 in din massmedia internationala

How to hire a hacker?
British intelligence GCHQ seeking highly qualified. For a month and a half a site containing a special code. Those who failed to solve the code could see the phrase: „You did it! Well Done! „And then were redirected to a page of the site proposed station GCHQ which paid at least 20,000 pounds.
Ways to break the code and get the code were discussed at length on the Internet. Our expert in espionage, Andrei Masalovici, got this code in just five minutes, knowing the structure of web sites. He was not surprised by the online test which has made GCHQ. In Britain and the United States often hackers are offered positions.
Currently, the Internet becomes a real power, increase the value of these specialists and their recruitment methods used are becoming more subtle, says Andrew Masalovici: „The events of recent years have shown that the Internet is an effective means in the destabilization situation of countries in a row, that can be used as a political weapon. Therefore, in the near future cyber war will be a war not between states but, at the earliest, will be driven by spontaneous uprisings. Through the Internet can be taken out of service infrastructure components critics of countries, including financial ones. It is a great tool for service information. Various special services have accelerated design strategies to counter cyber threats. That is why there is such demand by hackers as cyber specialists to develop weapons. ”
Russian experts believe that the better prepared for future cyber wars China. In 2009 the United States was established a special structure, the U.S. Cyber ​​Command. The Pentagon, after NATO attack on the Internet equaled military threat and threatened to respond firmly and will use, including military means common.
The Internet has become a state with a population of one billion people who do not respect the laws, like the Wild West. Must be developed as soon as possible on the regulation of international law. Regulatory principles are quite clear, but activity in this regard. In November the UK hosted the first Conference for Internet security with the participation of 60 countries, including Russia. Russia has prepared a draft UN Convention on the fight against cyber crime. Chances are that it be approved by the UN in 2012.


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