… eficienta economica?!…eficienta politicii fiscale?!…sau ce nu poate face o blonda la curtile europene(macar de ar avea ochii albastrii…)

Posted: 13 decembrie 2011 in absurdul in Ro


Drept la o opinie fata de postarea Udrea: Actuala guvernare, cea mai eficientă din ultimii 20 de ani din Europa

Ministrul Turismului, Elena Udrea, a declarat, marţi la reuniunea UNPR, că actuala guvernare este cea mai eficientă din ultimii 20 de ani, atât din România cât şi la nivel european.

Vezi Mediafax

… economic efficiency of fiscal policy effectiveness ?!… ?!…
An expression of economic efficiency in general is on the relationship between useful effect obtained from a given economic activity and spending, that efforts made ​​in the activity.
Doing an analysis of the notion of economic efficiency of investment is found that this is a sum of qualitative factors, which gives it a complex, targeting improvement activity takes place in the commissioning of this investment, which can be modernization, refurbishment, reconstruction and development. A high economic efficiency is obtained in the production application of modern technologies and drawing on the raw materials and energy shares higher, providing high quality products at low cost.
… or maybe he wanted to praise the effectiveness of fiscal policy in combating the economic crisis.
Interest in finding the most effective fiscal stimulus in the economic recovery once the crisis has increased expansionary monetary policy pursued by most central banks has not generated an increase in confidence of economic agents and thus increase private consumption and private investment. Although the solution Keynesian economic recovery affected by the crisis, fiscal expansion is no longer generates the same positive effects expected – increased consumption, significantly reduce unemployment, rising incomes in the economy because they are conditioned the reaction of private economic agents to fiscal stimulus.


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