Researchers at CERN have discovered the Higgs boson?

Posted: 6 decembrie 2011 in fizica cuantica, Fizica particulelor elementare

Researchers at CERN have discovered the Higgs boson? (Video) The international scientific world is already circulated the rumor that the Higgs boson, predicted by the Standard Model of elementary particle physics, was detected after two independent experiments conducted by researchers at CERN. The rumors were fueled by two recent experiments in the LHC at CERN, where scientists have found clear evidence of the existence of Higgs particle with a mass of 125 GeV, it is mentioned in an article in Nature . It is encouraging news for particle physics, because if true are favored supersymmetric models, which involve finding and other heavy particles. Higgs boson is considered the missing link in the Standard Model of particle physics, which are supposed to have derived all particles with mass. Rumors are presented on the blog Not Even Wrong, Peter Woit of the researcher, which reveals that if ATLAS experiment was observed Higgs signal the value of 125 GeV and a level of significance of 3.5 sigma – statistical parameter used to assess probability that an event to occur other than by chance. Currently, the 3 sigma is that it is sufficient to prove the possibility of the existence of the Higgs boson, but it takes 5 sigma value is reached to confirm the discovery of the famous real particles. Director ATLAS experiment physicist Bill Murray, told Nature that does not want to comment on rumors that have already inflamed the scientific community, arguing that research is ongoing. Rolf Heuer, CERN Director General, he sent two physicists working on experiments to be more cautious statements and still feel confident in the discovery of the Higgs boson, and said the final report of the research will be published in On 13 December 2011. At this time it is estimated that there were five types of Higgs field – each associated with a Higgs boson. In order to detect a Higgs boson in the laboratory have created a virtual reality instead of one. By colliding particles with antiparticles can be generated very high energy value. Following these interactions result byproduct of subatomic decay that can be clues that can be created a Higgs boson. Higgs boson is the last particle predicted by the Standard Model of elementary particles, which has not yet been observed experimentally. It is the last brick in a scientific construct, the Standard Model of over four decades is the most precise theory, uncontradicted by any experiment and whose predictions were all confirmed by subsequent experiments.


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