Researchers at CERN have been cheated for OPERA experiment?!

Posted: 7 octombrie 2011 in Fizică

Researchers at CERN have been cheated for OPERA experiment

rewrite physics and especially quantum cosmology, quantum gravity and will be soon enough … overseas studies and new theories and theorists, especially the Australians.
(I hope I have not monopolized the discussion … experiments possible, for confirmation of hard to say and / or rejection of th.,…, General relativity with the last term would be another one repulsive nature of the mass but kinetic … and the theory of gravitational waves and cavitation) (forgot the CERN researchers believe they were wrong about the difference of 60 ns …,  the principle causality was not violated just have not been rigorously Sri her inertial actually transported and measured information … as early as 2009 was resolved decryption quantum superluminal speed of information … but the already sensitive area and made americans speak encryption biological information)
However it is unclear whether gravifice talk and strong enough fields in the experiment … TRR and momentum point of view of those particles would be infinite … as they say they were deceived the driving inertial particles increases, … etc.


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