Expansion of the universe… Multiverse theory

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Cosmological poster – „Some say the world will end in fire, and some ice …” Expansion of the universe… Multiverse theory

This year scholarship winners correctly predicted not bet’s Nobel.
The three winners this year are the researchers Saul Perlmutter of the University of Berkeley, California, Adam G. Riess of Johns Hopkins and Science Institute in Baltimore, Maryland, and Brian P. Schmidt, National University of Weston Creek, Australia, for discovery rate of expansion of the universe through observations of distant supernova, „it says on the official site http://www.nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/physics/laureates/2011/.” jury’s motivation was that their research helped the revelations about the universe unknown to science.
„Some say the world will end in fire, and some ice …”
What will be the final destiny of the Universe? Perhaps it will end in ice, if we are to believe Nobel Laureates in Physics, 2011. They studied supernovae and found that the universe
extends increasingly faster.
Thus the main favorites for the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2011 are three researchers in the field of subatomic particles to study for their contribution in developing super-fast quantum computers.
Favorites this year are the researchers Alain Aspect in France, John Clauser and Anton Zeilinger U.S. from Austria, according to forecasts prepared by Karin Bojs, best „divination” of Nobel science editor of the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter, writes http: / / http://www.physorg.com
Other possible candidates could be in Israel and Britain Yakira Aharonov Michael Berry for their work on the Aharonov-Bohm Effect and Berry Phase, all of quantum mechanics.
Nobel Prize in Physics 2011 was awarded from 1901 Nobel Prize for Physics was awarded to Wilhelm Röntgen discovered X-rays for
and debates on the same topic
„Some say the world will end in fire, and some ice …”
What will be the final destiny of the Universe? Perhaps it will end in ice, if we are to believe Nobel Laureates in Physics, 2011. They studied supernovae and found that the universe
extends increasingly faster. Story „dark energy” and „dark matter” appeared in 1998, when astronomers reported that the most distant galaxies appear to be faster than the predicted distance and initial calculations. Studies on a certain type of supernova confirm that the Universe is expanding at a pace more accelerated, rather than diminish.
According to studies published in the Astrophysical Journal since 2005, the universe is expanding at a speed of 73.8 km / sec at every 3.26 light years away, scientists can find out exactly how much it will grow as the universe and time will do, with the reference light from a supernova and a star.
Expansion of the universe is about galaxies away with a very high speed relative to each other. As they come forward, the more they move faster. The rate of expansion of the universe could be so measured, a galaxy located at a megaparsec (distance approximately equal to 3.26 years astronomical light) is 73.8 km away with / sec, another galaxy located at 2 megaparsec travels with 147, 6 km / sec and so on.
Universe still remains an enigma

Much of the universe, 73%, is not composed of matter or radiation, but a mysterious force called „unknown energy” – „dark energy”, a kind of reverse gravity, and 23% of „dark matter”. This force seems to push the bizarre universe in accelerated, although gravity should slow the pace and cause the universe to contract.
Sir Martin Rees, British astronomer and president of the Royal Society, said that this new understanding of the universe is „a discovery of the first magnitude”. Observatory WMAP Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe, has managed to record the weak signals of the initial explosion of the universe or Big Bang.
Measurements were correlated with observations made with telescopes of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey project – SDSS, which consists of a million galaxies map to see if they are close or remote from each other. Both confirmed the existence of unknown energy.
The discovery solves a number of controversies about the universe age, expansion rate and composition. Astronomers now know with certainty that Univesul is 13.7 billion years old, plus or minus a few hundred thousand years and the rate or expansion is astounding: 73.8 km / sec per megaparsec.
So far about 200 billion galaxies, each containing 200 billion stars are detectable by telescopes now representing only 4% of the entire universe.
The scientific community now agrees that something in space acts as a formidable anti-gravity force, causing accelerated expansion of the universe.
… and the latest discussions in the multiverse is wearing!
Multiple universes-multiverse causes heated debate in the scientific world (views)
The problem of the existence of parallel universes, and multiple universes – multiverse other than the observable universe, is the subject of heated scientific debate in the world of physics.
According to quantum physics, particles are in constant vibration, which led to string theory according to which matter is the result of vibrating strings emanation. Supergravity theory concludes that gravity flows in a parallel universe, so there is at least one parallel universe to ours. M theory membrane, considered as the real world is manifested in 11 dimensions, postulating the existence of multiple universes.
Big Bang theory postulates that M is based on parallel universes, existing and Multiverse. Big Bang is the result of collision of two parallel worlds. Multiverse theory considered to contain an infinite number of universes each with his physical regularities, with the possibility in every moment for Big Bangs.
Our universe may be just a bubble floating in a sea of ​​balloons.
These universes involve completely different consequences on cosmic inflation, from our universe. Some experts believe that it is justified to use the anthropic principle to solve global dilemmas cosmology, one of which is precisely the argument that the universe is in an accelerated expansion, the sentence for which was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2011, the three cerccetatori.
Fizicenii Canadians and Americans, believe that’s evidence of multiverse lurk in the Planck data, and the answer will come by studying the cosmic microwave footprint of cosmic radiation. Chuck Bennett, an astrophysicist at Johns Hopkins University in Maryland, believes that prediction multiverse theory is brought in contemporary science that is able to forge ideas. The researchers is that our universe underwent a rapid expansion immediately after the Big Bang. Kris Sigurdson at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, and consider the possibility that our universe has calculated to have collided with another before the period of cosmic inflation, and the traces of this collision would have been removed from more than 13 billion years. They still would find in the cosmic microwave background – CMB, which dates from the first 380,000 years of existence of our universe.
In 2007, researchers at the University of California at Santa Cruz, USA, suggested a cosmic awakening could be very existence of the cosmic microwave background. In 2008 researchers led Hiranya Peiris of the University College London have demonstrated that this prediction was true. A recently published study on the arXiv server, specifies that a collision detection would confirm the existence of the multiverse bubble, providing compelling evidence for string theory, and will provide a new picture of the universe and its origin. Arjun Berera Recently cosmologist at the University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom, believes that the multiverse idea is purely speculative in the world of physics.
Clear evidence in support of the multiverse has to come from the CMB observations and data Observatory European Space Agency, combined with NASA’s Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe, and subsequent studies, which must confirm the detection of cosmic microwave background.

I believe my level of training and understanding is that we live in a multiverse infinite but finite limit …
However rewrite physics and especially quantum cosmology, quantum gravity and will be soon enough … overseas studies and new theories and theorists, especially the Australians.
(I hope I have not monopolized the discussion … exerimente proposals possible, for confirmation of hard to say and / or rejection of th. ,…, General relativity with the last term would be one more repulsive nature of mass and kinetic but .. . in the field of gravitational waves and cavitation theory) (forgot the CERN researchers believe they were wrong about the difference of 60 ns …, Prince. causality was not violated just have not been rigorously Sri inertial they actually carry and measured information … as early as 2009 was resolved decryption quantum superluminal speed of information … but the already sensitive area and made Americans speak encryption biological information)
However it is unclear whether gravifice talk and strong enough fields in the experiment … TRR and momentum point of view of those particles would be infinite … as they say they were deceived by ienertia particles increases, …

with apologies for the more specialized and knowledgeable, you probably will postulate in the next 10-20 years say the existence of a fifth field and the existence of new forces that govern the evolution of the universe as a whole, but metaphysical conceptually difficult and who knows

… Equity and share Nobel Awards for collaborative research was
… By Professor Roman Druica Zeltin 80, proposed to introduce a term in nature kinetic mass equations of evolution, an idea that could be developed in view of new theories on gravity quantum super ideas and Rosenthal Professor of the Univ. By Timisoara 70-80 years the dynamics and evolution of the universe lines … (But it takes time as everything is forgotten)
can be read an interesting article in Nature (October 6, 2011)
Americans push its limits beyond quantum mechanics …
Researchers from California Institute of Technology, Pasadena cryogenics lab were able to determine the size of the objects cease to exhibit quantum behavior.








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