Sensational discovery on the edge of our solar system – NASA!

Posted: 8 Iunie 2011 in astronomie/astrofizică, cosmologie

„A large magnetic bumps” on the border of our solar system, will change all existing knowledge, creating a new paradigm.
On the outskirts of our solar system from NASA researchers have discovered a turbulent sea full of „magnetic bubbles”.
Using computer modeling, scientists from NASA, using data obtained somdele Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 spacecraft, now at the outer edge of our solar system called the heliosheath region, they found a large „magnetic bubbles,” writes

The new discovery will lead to a revision of our knowledge of what was known so far about the periphery of our solar system. Knowledge regions is essential for understanding the process by which cosmic rays are generated, and especially the mechanisms by which they reach Earth.
U.S. space agency has not disclosed details about the new discovery, and will provide more information on the conference announced on 9 June 2011, says official site

Present at NASA videoconference on 9 June 2011 will be:
– Arik Posner, a researcher in the Heliophysics Division, NASA, Washington
– Merav Opher assistant professor at Boston University, Department of Astronomy
– James F. Drake, Professor of Physics, University of Maryland, College Park
– Edward C. Stone, Professor of Physics, Caltech, Pasadena, California
– Eugene Parker, a professor of physics, University of Chicago.


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