Top 15 aircraft of the future (photo gallery)

Posted: 6 Iunie 2011 in aeronautica

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Flying is one of the oldest dreams of humanity. This century will be a challenge for aircraft manufacturers in the development of new concepts as modern appliances, electric aircraft, biofuels for aviation, space tourism, says

Between dream and reality, the new aircraft of the future, can be viewed at

Aeroscraft ML 866, a luxury airship. © AEROS

An Airbus the wings. © Airbus

Boeing supersonic Icons II. © NASA / Boeing

flying saucers. © Cleaner / Delft University of Technology
All new aviation concepts, reducarea take into account fuel consumption and emissions of greenhouse gases, increasing transport capacity and autonomy of flight, using new materials and more efficient to motare.
, Le Bouget,”>New concepts in modern aviation, will be presented at the 49th Salon International,, Le Bouget, which will take place from 20 to 26 June 2011.


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