Discovering a protein that blocks HIV infection

Posted: 6 iunie 2011 in din massmedia internationala

Researchers at the Institute of Human Genetics in Montpellier, in collaboration with two other French teams have identified a cellular protein that can block HIV infection of certain cells.
This discovery that could develop effective vaccines in the fight against HIV, says -infection_art15009.html

French specialists, have published studies in the journal Nature, the discovery an important step in understanding the mechanisms of HIV infection.
Newly discovered protein, called SAMHD1, sought the dentritice cells, sentinels of the human immune system, the skin, mucous membranes and lymphoid tissues. It detects the presence of microbes in triggering an immune response coordinated body. Doctors want the development of vaccines that would succeed in inhibiting virus replication.
Dr. Benkirane, co-author of the study, said in a series of further experiments are necessary, provide certainty to the fact that cells can detect HIV dentritice as pathogen, and their role in protecting the body’s immune system. This can be better understood mechanisms of HIV-1 infection, and especially its interconnections with the immune system.


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