The Theory of Everything – How physics can explain the Universe

Posted: 28 Mai 2011 in Fizică

Explain all the physical laws with a single theory: that the purpose of the theory of everything. They claim they will explain one day the whole world with a „theory of everything”: a few simple laws which result from the matter, time, space. They have reason to believe it. Since Isaac Newton, who proposed a similar explanation for the movements of the stars in the sky and falling apples, physics has continued to find common cause with seemingly different phenomena.

The challenge has never been more important. In particular, because the two great theories of twentieth century physics, general relativity and quantum mechanics, are in disagreement about the nature of the world. One describes a spacetime continuously bent at will by the presence of matter and the other involves concepts such as location.

Whatever the more fundamental theory that will encompass, it will radically change how we think about the universe.
And in addition, the notebook Technologies is dedicated to biopharmaceuticals, complex molecules produced by these genetically modified cells.



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