In pursuit of discovering new hypothetical particles, physicists patience has a limit – Reviews

Posted: 21 Martie 2011 in cosmologie


Scientists at the Large Hadron Collider hopes will produce a hypothetical journey through time to detect the Higgs boson effects.
Researchers Thomas Weiler of Vanderbilt University and Ho Chui, consider that an atom might be able to issue a singlet Higgs particle should appear just before the collision that produced it, wrote <a href = „http:// „target =” _blank „> DailyMail </ a>.
Singlet Higgs particle is related to another hypothetical, which is hoping to be discovered, namely the Higgs boson, the two physicists believe the LHC could possibly transmitting the message in the past and future, without breaking the laws of physics, according to articles published on the site Live Science and sites.
With the LHC, the two physicists hope will be able to find the elusive Higgs boson and the singlet can be produced simultaneously.
This will create conditions of „quark-gluon plasma boil” that supposedly existed 13.7 billion years ago, at a fraction of a second after the Big Bang.
They believe that ATLAS and CMS detectors can see the influence of the Higgs boson, back in time, write <a href = „ Higgs bosons-the-ils voyageront-dance-le-passe-au-lhc_28847 / „target =” _blank „> Futura Sciences </ a>.
In the center of their speculations, there are models and physical theories such as Kaluza-Klein space-time geometry that is the number of spatial dimensions is greater than 3 M and string theory in 11 dimensions. Some of the latest theories of Randall and Sundrum – RS 1999, believes that our universe would be like a membrane or floating in space.
Some physicists believe that although laborious calculations of the two researchers based on several physical assumptions could be correct in their speculation clearly will not survive the current data and future experiments.
Whatever the world is about to revolutionize deep understanding rereferitor data structure and processes of the universe that took place after the Big Bang leading to the appearance of life on Earth.
Birth of the Universe is still a troubling mystery that researchers „cosmic” and „terrestrial” in equal measure, the enigma that lasts a couple of decades.
Everything starts at the American astronomer Hubble, who processed his observations on the spectra of distant galaxies has reached a conclusion that the galaxies away from each other and the observable universe is expanding uniformly.
Einstein’s theory, general relativity theory together with a statement issued by Aleksandrovici Alexander Fridman, provide for a possible expansion of the universe similar to, but says that the expansion of the universe could cease to be able to compress and then restart again to start the expansion. Thus the universe may pulsate, and the period of these pulses is billions of years. But Einstein’s theory can not explain the causes of such pulses.
We believe that he started hunting for all specialists in the field for confirmation and / or rule boson, the discovery of new particles may be coming to an end?
Certainly it seems like NO!.
Einstein struggled all his life to create a unified theory of all fields and particles but failed. His goal over the years proved to be so giant but inaccessible, and that brilliant mind of modern physics that he could not cope.
Attempts are multiplying every year, but new theories collapse under the weight of new discoveries or violation of physical laws.
<a href=”; target=”_blank”> will have confirmed the existence of God particle in 2011 </ a>.
I come to the words of the great mountain Niels Bohr on the occasion of discussions with two other titans of physics Heissenberg Pauli, on the theory of Heissenberg, remaining famous words: „We all agree that your theory is crazy!. The question that bothers us is whether it is crazy enough to be able to stand and fair.”
We certainly believe now that the elementary particles that form the common material, such as leptons, photons, particles W, Z, quarks and gluons are well described by the Standard Model, a fusion of electroweak theory with quantum chromodynamics. But this synthesis is not the final answer to the existential problems of the universe. A clear limitation of this model is that it does not include gravity, which is very difficult to treat in the quantum theory.
Whole theory is superstring theory, being defined in a hyperspace with 10 dimensions, could provide perhaps a response to unanswered questions about the universe so far.


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