Cercetatorii de la Yale University au realizat primul anti-laser.

Posted: 19 februarie 2011 in din massmedia internationala

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Physicists have built the world’s first device that can cancel out a laser beam – a so-called anti-laser.

The device, created by a team from Yale University, is capable of absorbing an incoming laser beam entirely.

But this is not intended as a defence against high-power laser weapons, the researchers said.

Instead they think it could be used in next-generation supercomputers which will be built with components that use light rather than electrons.

Professor Douglas Stone and colleagues at Yale University had initially been developing a theory to explain which materials could be used as the basis of lasers.

Cercetătorii de la Universitatea Yale au creat primul anti-laser din lume. Dispozitivul este capabil sa absoarba in totalitate orice raza emisa de un laser. Aparatul este exact opusul unui laser obisnuit si functioneaza in consecinta.

Astfel aparatul capteaza razele de lumina si le forteaza sa se miste pana cand energia lor este disipata total.


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