2012 … opportunity for apocalyptic signs of the second sun?…The appearance of the sun two days earlier on earth may be only an illusion…

Posted: 23 Ianuarie 2011 in astronomie/astrofizică, din massmedia internationala

Dr Brad Carter, Senior Lecturer of Physics at the University of Southern Queensland.

Supergigantica star Betelgeuse is about to turn into a supernova. When this happens, Earth will get a spectacular view.
For a short time, our planet will be two suns in the sky. Star is located in the Orion nebula, located at a distance of 640 light years from our planet
According to physicists, the explosion celestial body can give rise to a giant star or a black hole located at a distance of 1,300 light years from Earth. If this will become a shooting star, the Earth will be littered with billions of particles of the celestial body, which however will not be harmful.
All scientists agree that the star Betelgeuse is dying. She is a true celebrity among the stars, and therefore, always springing up rumors and news about it.
Astronomer Phil Plait, who has worked ten years for the Hubble Space Telescope, says there is no evidence that Betelgeuse will explode next year. Not even the most advanced telescopes and most sophisticated computer models can not predict exactly when a star to explode. Supernova might not have any place in the next million years…

The appearance of the sun two days earlier on earth may be only an illusion, says Thomas Posch Austrian Institute of Astronomy, quoted by huffingtonpost.com. His hypothesis is that the sun had this year a stronger curvature, unusual, and therefore made their appearance two days earlier in Greenland IIulissat city, at three degrees north of the Arctic Circle. It may be so or not. Other scientists are sure that the culprit is global warming, Arctic ice melting accelerated last year alone led to an increase of three degrees Celsius temperatures in Greenland is responsible for lowering the horizon, resulting in the appearance of sun earlier.
And if global warming theory proponents are right, rising early this year is only the tip of the iceberg. Bizarre coincidences are collected around the world: strange storms that swept the U.S., the increased number of allergies or fire may result causing all global warming, states…

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