Free local taxpayer and mentality in Romania absernt

Posted: 16 ianuarie 2011 in absurdul in Ro, politică fără subiect

Because such mechanisms nefunctionalitatii optimal supply and demand in education, we are witnessing now is worse some bugs in this system. State, as his social representation by impunatoarele buildings and institutions, is also responsible for solving the problems of all individuals. Thus, the state is still seen as one that produces and distributes the money, providing jobs and products to market.
Gratuity under its many aspects, education, health, social services, public administration, is seen by most citizens totally distorted and misunderstood: we must all accept as if nobody would pay that money, like come from a universe removed.
The new image is created, the ordinary taxpayer is totally absent, though the source is forgotten gratuity, as if nobody would pay nothing. All who invest and paid to provide such services, consider citizen taxpayer who pays taxes, not as a payer of these services, but only as a mere recipient of services the state in a concessive gives them free . This is why the service provider understands to be in service to citizens and to subordinate its legitimate demands. At the same time, simply is not enough citizen aware of his status in the rule. Weakness in the taxpayer’s ordinary conduct a payer approach that gives some rights to „request an account” the quality of services that he actually paid them will form a hard and long for us. If state education, the principle of free education, have certain effects in a society where „all-powerful state and impersonal” is above its citizens. You see only what has happened lately with the controversial National Education Law. A game of nerves, and policy statements, the law became a source of political negotiation between different parties in the government bow. Obviously, the variety of goods in strictly economic education is part of the unproductive consumer goods, whose purpose is the consumption itself, but also must understand that the State can not play forever with an educational system, and not now found in a state of collapse. Massive layoffs, wage cuts, discreditatarea status in recent years teacher education with an assimilation of merchandise to be sold anyway, will not lead to any competitive systems of education in the coming years.
Then, political interference in school life is but escalate existing tensions within the system. Orders and orders without legal coverage, changes in the running of a fundamental law will hang heavily in the balance of future generations not only the future but even the rule of law. I do not know if society and politics can decide what is more important: education pay or bear the costs needucatiei their uneducated. Maybe all those skills in the issue, promote and change the national Education Act, would be much easier to start from discrepanetei pragmatic model in defining the needs of education, by which these needs is the difference between desired situation and current situation, so actually make a comparison between two clearly defined situations.

  1. Moi spune:

    Eu cred ca banul nu este singurul vinovat de situatia actuala . Nimic nu dovedeste ca , „punand mai mult la bataie” vei obtine rezultate mai bune ( a se vedea exemplul cu costurile km de autostrada , record mondial obtinut in Romania , si esecul facultatiilor particulare )

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